Bays Exploration and Production Group
Freelance Geologists for Hire
We have a network of Geoscientists who are available for petroleum geology, exploration and
production geology assignments to work anywhere in North America and overseas. All our geologists
have over 10 years of petroleum exploration/production and environmental experience.  We can place
them rotational basis or on long term assignments.  If our clients decide to hire them full time, they are
free to do so without having to pay headhunter fees.   

Second Opinion Review - Investor Assistance
Investing in oilfield prospects and/or operating fields often requires understanding the complex
geological , seismic, wireline logging, and production data. Bays geologists help the investor in
interpreting this complex data and selecting what is appropriate, and verifying QA/QC protocol for the
collection and analysis of this data. Investing in oilfield prospects requires large investments and high
risk. We help our clients to minimize the risk and increase the chances of success in their investments.

Prospect/Oilfield Review and Recovery Optimization
There is an optimum recovery rate per foot of perforated interval for every reservoir. If the reservoir is
stressed beyond this rate, it will start producing water. In order to regain these reservoirs, a true
evaluation by a reservoir geologist is necessary. Our oilfield review and optimization services will help
you to regain these reservoirs, increase recovery and increase investment value. Let us look at your
aging oil field with a fresh eye and help you recover more oil from the reservoir.

Our oilfield evaluation includes review of old wireline logs, core data, drill-stem test data, stratigraphy,
and old seismic data. Our goal is to identify if water flooding and or hydrofracturing will help you
increase recovery. Our system will also help you identify if the existing wells are capturing the entire
field and whether there are any gaps that can be explored further.
Company Overview
Bays Exploration and Production Group is a division of Bays Investment Inc, established in 2005. The
Exploration and Development Group is comprised of experienced petroleum geologists in North
America and the Middle East.  

Our Geologists are experienced in the following areas :
  • Carbonate reservoirs (paleokarst, reef, carbonate shelf deposits)
  • Sand reservoirs (channels, bars, delta)
  • Structural and stratigraphic oil and gas traps
  • Water drive and gas drive fields
  • Wireline log interpretations and analysis (Schlumberger, Gearhart/Halliburton)
  • Seismic profile and seismic stratigraphy studies
  • Water flooding and hydro-fracturing
Services We Provide
Our company is based in Ladera Ranch, Orange County, California. We will travel to client offices
nationwide or internationally as necessary. We use cloud computing so our team is always in
communication. Our Geologists can work as an in house consultant integrated within client's team or

We work with investors, independent oil producers, landmen, and oil & gas brokers to provide
petroleum and reservoir geology services. Our services include:
  • Second opinion review of the geological and reservoir data for investors.
  • Perform QA/QC review for investors and verify calibration data.
  • Help investors to negotiate a fair price for investment
  • Geological evaluation of an operating field
  • Exploration and production geology services
  • Geological mapping (structural, net oil, reserve calculations)
  • Wireline log evaluations (correlation, porosity, permeability, oil/water saturation)
  • Seismic profile and seismic stratigraphy studies
  • Rock Core evaluations, petrophysical testing (permeability, oil/water capillary pressure curve)
  • Mud log, drill stem test and production test analysis
  • Obtaining public data and logs from  state agencies
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