Bays Exploration and Production Geology Services
Adding Value

When you need a Geoscientist tommorrow, give us a call, it is likely that one of our geoscientists is
available and qualified to take your assignment and bring up to a successful conclusion.  However, it
will be best if you can give us a week or more advance notice.

We provide petroleum geology services to oil and gas brokers, investors, landmen, and petroleum
engineers. Bays Exploration and Production Geology Group will help our client to understand
geological features and how to use them to make wise investment decision and to enhance oil
recovery.  Often, our findings reveal that there are oil and gas  pockets that are not being captured by
the existing wellfield. Additional wells in those areas will increase the production rate and the value of
the investment. We also perform QA/QC review of available data, identify any data gaps and perform
reliability analysis.
Services We Provide

We work with investors, independent oil producers, landmen, oil and gas brokers to provide
petroleum and reservoir geology services.  Our services includes:
  • Freelance geologist for any project
  • Second opinion evaluations and verification studies,
  • Geological evaluation of an operating field
  • Exploration and production geology services,
  • Construction of structural contour maps, and isopach maps
  • Seismic refraction survey oversight and interpretations
  • Wireline logging oversight and interpretations (stratigraphic correlations, porosity,
    permeability, oil/water saturation)
  • Rock core evaluations, permeability, oil/water capillary pressure curve tests
  • Mud log, drill stem test, and production test analysis.
  • Reservoir pressure and temperature analysis and  mapping
  • Obtain data and logs from  state agencies
  • Local Geology, Monterey Shale, Utica Shale Studies

Additionally, through our environmental division, we also provide oil field waste minimization and
mitigation services including soil and groundwater assessment/remediation and  environmental
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